100% Guaranteed: Regrets Await Sellers Overpricing Their Lisle Homes Property

(Never Experience it For Yourself, Learn How…)


When you have finally decided to sell your property in Lisle homes, and have an idea on how much you are going to sell it, think again! This price might be too high or too low than what your home’s real worth is. For this concern, contact a real estate agent to find out how much value your house has. Being a fair homeowner and seller, you make appointments with local real estate agents; and each of them have a recommended sales price.


Surprisingly, they may come up with sales price lower than what you expect your house is worth. Although they support their analysis with latest sales data of same Lisle homes, you stay convinced that your house is worth more than their recommendations. When you discuss it with the third realtor, they provide the same figures as your anticipated value, or even higher. You become excited of the price and you already started counting the gains.


Lisle homes: Picking Realtor #3?


Like most home sellers, you select real estate agent #3, since this is the one who listens to you and willing to work with you. This seems to be the agent that cares about your maximum gain, and is willing to sell at your price and in case you need a price drop later, it is doable right?


But Wait Every Real Estate Agent in Lisle homes Does It!


You may have met an agent dealing in a doubtful sales practice called “buying a listing.” He bought the listing recommending you can sell your house at a higher value than what other agents suggested. More likely, the agent might be skeptic that your home will actually be put on sale in that range. His real intention from the start is make you lower the price of your property in Lisle homes.


Why Are Some Agents Buying Listings this Technique? There are two basic reasons for doing this. The agent might be feeling pressure from the homeowner who thinks his home has a greater value. On the contrary, some agents practice this sales approach regularly.  


Selling a home is stressful, and selling it at a very high price may be elevating your stress level even more. It is never easy to put a house up on sale. There are many factors included that you may not recognize.  Contrary to public misconception the real estate agent of your property in Lisle homes may not really sell your home directly to a buyer.


These listing professional promote and market your home to a roster of other agents who work with local homebuyers, increasing your sales force. In the first weeks your home is a spot where agents come and go to have a glance of your home so they can promote and market it to their buyers.


Don’t Overprice Your Property in Lisle Homes!


Think of this. If you and you agent have overpriced your property in Lisle homes, do you think agents will devote some time to preview your property. Bear in mind that they are realtors so they know home values and local market conditions. If your house is above the market, why should they waste their time to view your house? They might as well spend time in viewing homes for sale at reasonable prices.


Too Late for a Price Drop of Your Property in Lisle Homes


So, you start with a high price thinking you can drop it later that is old news. You will never gain attention of real estate agents to market and promote your house if you start with a very unrealistic price. If agents are not interested from the start, then it will take longer for your home to be sold.


In case you find an uninformed buyer, he will basically need a mortgage. The lender usually requires an appraisal so if your sales prices is not supported by current market conditions and comparable sales for the last six months, you’re house can never be appraised. Thus, your deal will fall apart.


When your home sits on the market for a while, it’s harder to have a good offer, and buyers will see you as a desperate seller. Overpricing does no good for your house on sale, and your property in Lisle homes ends up for a lower price than what you could have received from the beginning.

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